The most suitable packaging for many products is often corrugated board. Although there are a variety of pre-made corrugated materials, most often they are customized to fit the item. Using single, double, or tri-wall thickness, your items will be packaged to meet all industry standards plus more.


Barrier Materials

Electronics and products engineered from metals that could rust when exposed to moisture are among the items that need special protective measures. Preservation packaging methods require the use of the latest barrier materials in order to protect items from environmental exposure, moisture, and rust during shipping or storage. All levels of protection are utilized from VCI stretchwrap and emitters to vacuum-sealed barrier bags with desiccant. We also utilize marine industrial shrinkwrap in a 7 mil material that is waterproof and contains a UV additive for outdoor storage.


Certain items demand the special characteristics of foam-in-place. When the liquid foam is sprayed it expands and conforms to the exact shape of the item itself. It allows the greatest protection for things such as sculptures, computers, lasers, and fiber optic machinery. Any fragile, exceptionally high value or irregularly shaped objects are afforded greatest protection utilizing foam-in-place. Articles that have been encapsulated in this manner can be repacked in the same container affording the same protection on a return trip.


The same quality service provided at our warehouse can also be provided at your site. Our professional staff complete with all necessary equipment in our mobile unit will prepare your shipment for transport directly from your loading dock. Our uniformed crew comes complete with all safety gear, machinery operator certifications for forklift, overhead crane, personnel lift and snorkel lift. Certificates of Insurance are supplied of course. Our experience includes dismantling, packaging, lifting, loading, and shipping complete plants and facilities.

Pick-Up and Delivery

Our courteous staff will pick-up and deliver to and from your site. Our 24' box trucks with lift gates are equipped with pallet jacks, hand trucks, mover's quilts, and appliance dollies to safely transport unpacked items. The uniformed crew is easily identifiable and fully insured.